FCC sets May Open Meeting agenda


The next sit-down for the five FCC commissioners is on the schedule for Thursday 5/20/10, and Chairman Julius Genachowski is keeping a transparency policy initiated by his predecessor Kevin Martin alive by providing a look at the schedule three weeks in advance. Broadcasters: You aren’t on it.

The agenda has five planks at this point, dealing with wireless, number portability and – inevitably – broadband issues.

From the FCC, here’s what will be on the commission’s topic menu:

* Mobile Wireless Competition Report: The 14th edition of the Mobile Wireless Competition Report, analyzing the state of competition in the mobile industry by expanding upon previ­ous FCC inquiries and considering the broader mobile wireless ecosystem.

* WCS-SDARS Report and Order: A Report and Order that enables robust mobile broadband use of 25 MHz of spectrum in the 2.3 GHz Wireless Communications Service (WCS) band while protecting neighboring incumbent operations.

* E-Rate NPRM: A Notice of Proposed Rulemaking initiating reforms to the E-Rate program to make broadband more accessible in schools and libraries, and to cut red tape.

* Pole Attachments Order and FNPRM: An Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to implement the National Broadband Plan recommendations to foster competition and broadband deployment by ensuring nondiscriminatory, just, and reasonable access to utility poles.

* Local Number Portability Report and Order: A Report and Order standardizing the processes for transferring telephone numbers in one business day to ensure the benefits of competition for consumers.