FCC repacking webinar on the horizon


Broadcast TowerIf you are interested in the technical details of channel repacking software to be used in conjunction with the upcoming incentive auctions of television spectrum, you will want to circle 8/22/13 on your calendar, if you haven’t already.

The session is being held on that date between 1PM-3PM eastern. It will pertain to information first released by the Commission 7/22/13. The FCC noted that the release :…included the data and a methodology for creating a preliminary set of constraint files, which represent the results of staff analysis of whether television stations could be assigned to particular channels or channel relationships in the incentive auction repacking process, consistent with statutory and other requirements, based on certain preliminary assumptions.”

The webinar was originally announced 8/8/13.

The session will include an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

On the agenda:
* Overview of repacking and general channel use restrictions;
* Overview of OET Bulletin 69 and related statutory requirements;
* Discussion of TVStudy software and performing “pairwise” interference analyses between stations using the methodology described in OET-69; and
* Description of how “domain” and “interference_paired” files (together, the “constraint files”) were generated.