FCC pulls the plug on 20 FM allotments


It turns out that there is a limit to the patience of the auctioneers who are in charge of peddling FM licenses at the FCC – if they’ve been on the shelf for two or more auctions and not found a taker, the FCC is going to take them off the shelf. However, interested parties have one last chance to weigh in on the topic.

The FCC believes that taking these unclaimed opportunities out of circulation may open up possibilities in other locations.

However, those wishing to comment on the process have until 10/31/11 to make their views known, and reply comments will be accepted until 11/15/11.

FCC said, “We tentatively conclude that it is in the public interest to delete twenty FCC-held permits, as listed in paragraph 4 below, that have been offered in two or more FM auctions and were considered unsold permits in FM Auction 91 because no bids were entered for these allotments.  Deletion of these allotments may create other opportunities in nearby communities for new FM allotments or upgrades of existing stations.  Therefore, we believe that the proposed deletion of these vacant allotments may promote a more effective and efficient use of the FM broadcast spectrum.”

The allotments include:
Cove AR 232A
Daisy AR 293C3
Alamo GA 287C3
Grayville IL 229A
Clayton LA 266A
Harrison MI 280A
Alton MO 290A
Ennis MT 254C2
Buffalo OK 224C2
Erick OK 259C2
Haworth OK 294A
Leedey OK 297A
Reydon OK 264C2
Taloga OK 226A
Thomas OK 288A
Wright City OK 226A
Weinert TX 266C3
Boscobel WI 244C3
Owen WI 242C3
Tigerton WI 295A