FCC poised to act on TV white spaces


The chunks of spectrum between television channels are poised to become the wild wild west of wireless, as the FCC gets set to address the issue at its September Open Meeting 9/23/10. The Commission expects wifi companies to move into the spaces first, and plans to sit back and see what other currently unimaginable innovations take root there.

Broadcasters have urged extreme caution in taking an unlicensed approach to using this spectrum. It is also used by television stations, churches, sports organizations and theaters for wireless microphones. Interested parties already active in the spectrum are concerned about interference.

Numerous reports indicate that the FCC is ready to move forward, and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has been quoted expressing his enthusiasm for kicking off a new era of innovation though the unleashing of unlicensed users into the white spaces.

It is of particular interest to many since it allows entrance into the wireless field to small companies and individuals without access to the kind of capital necessary to bid for spectrum in a standard FCC license auction.

RBR-TVBR observation: Although reports indicate the FCC is ready to move forward, none mention what the prescriptions will be for avoiding interference with incumbents. But we know that MSTV has been working with the FCC on the issue. Stay tuned.