Why Is Ajit Pai’s So Defensive?


No, we’re not talking about the affable FCC Chairman’s personality.

ajitpaiWe are also not assuming that he’s become the leading candidate to succeed Joe Barry as the Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator (although that might not be a bad idea).

Rather, with the job of leading the Commission comes the official appointment of Ajit Pai as Defense Commissioner.

The Defense Commissioner “directs the homeland security, national security and emergency preparedness, and defense activities of the Commission.”

In this role, Pai will represent the Commission in interagency matters pertaining to public safety, homeland security, national security, emergency preparedness, disaster management, and defense and related matters, including matters pertaining to continuity of the essential functions of the Commission under emergency conditions.

He will also serve s the principal point of contact for the Commission on all matters pertaining to the Department of Homeland Security, and be charged with developing emergency programs covering service provision by wireless and wireline telecommunications carriers and broadcast, cable, and satellite facilities, as well as radio frequency assignment, investigation, and enforcement.

Pai will also assume the full duties of the Commission under “certain emergencies.”

The role of the Defense Commissioner well predates the Department of Homeland Security, and was created in 1927 as an official post within the FCC.