Fat Fighter announces major television infomercial schedule


For the moment, DC Brands International Inc. has only a proposed schedule to advertise HARD Nutrition’s Fat Fighter by buying enough time to run infomercials for the product, but the target buy is extensive. And each participating venue will have its own response number, so everybody involved will know precisely where any success is being generated.

The plan includes an extensive mix of local television and cable, targeting a wide variety of off-prime dayparts. The schedule is available to be perused here.

DC Brands President/CEO Richard Pearce said, “When you look at the scope and magnitude of this proposed plan, it is clear that the infomercial will be viewed by an enormous audience when all of this media time is purchased. It’s not going to air on just one just channel, but on hundreds of channels, and this national launch and proposed media saturation plan gives me great confidence that this will be well received and generate the responses we expect.”

Pearce continued, “This is the concluding piece in executing our plan and achieving the goal we set out for over eight months ago. Since each and every television station that airs our infomercial will have its own unique telephone number, we will be able to analyze data from our responses so as to make sure that our media buys going forward are optimized for the best results. I can’t wait to report the results from this national launch.”