Employment plans on the upswing


ChartAccording to Manpower, you have to go all the way back to Q4 2007 to find better results attached to its ongoing Manpower Employment Outlook Survey. Although the bulk of respondents are standing pat, those that are changing are mostly on the adding rather than the subtracting side.

“We’ve seen consistent, yet measured, momentum in employers’ hiring plans in a steadily improving market,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup President. “Employers have reached a level of confidence in navigating unstable conditions, and the strength of the Quarter 4 2013 survey data suggests a stronger close to 2013.”

72% are holding the line on employment, while 18% are looking to hire and only 8% are expecting layoffs. 2% are unsure. The net employment outlook is 13%.

The Q4 2012 results featured an identical 72% remaining the same, but only 17% ready to increase staff size against 9% looking at reductions for a net employment index of 11%.

“Employers plan to hire during the fourth quarter, particularly in the Wholesale & Retail Trade sector, and that’s good news for job seekers looking for employment during the busy holiday season,” said Prising. “Employers bring on new staff when they start seeing increased demand for their products and services, and this intention to hire may signal optimism among U.S. employers.”

Manpower flagged business sectors with positive hiring plans:
* Wholesale & Retail Trade (+22%)
* Leisure & Hospitality (+17%)
* Professional & Business Services (+13%)
* Transportation & Utilities (+11%)
* Information (+11%) * Financial Activities (+10%)
* Mining (+9%)
* Education & Health Services (+9%)
* Durable Goods Manufacturing (+8%)
* Nondurable Goods Manufacturing (+7%)
* Construction (+5%)
* Government (+4%)
* Other Services (+2%)

RBR-TVBR observation: As has been the case for quite a while now, we are seeing general economic news that is good but not great. While we would love to finally see a quarter with some robust growth, good but not great sure beats the hell out of a negative report.

We would also point out the above list of business sectors to the broadcast sales force. If they have the cash to think about bringing on more staff, they also likely have the cash and the performance confidence to invest in some serious advertising.