DVR playback, ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Modern Family' biggest gainers


DVR Playback for the week of 10/18/10 (Week #5): For the 5th week running this season, ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Modern Family” stood as TV’s Top 2 biggest gainers from the first-reported numbers to the DVR finals among Adults 18-49.  “Grey’s Anatomy” registered as the week’s top gainer (4th time in 5 weeks), picking up on an additional 1.5 rating points and leaping by +38% from a 4.0 rating to a 5.5 rating, from the Live + Same Day to the Live + 7 Day Adult 18-49 averages.  ABC’s “Modern Family” jumped by 1.4 rating  points in the DVR finals, from a 4.8 rating to a 6.2 rating (+29%).  

As a result in the revised numbers, “Modern Family” (#1) and “Grey’s” (#2) finished as the week’s Top 2 scripted TV series in the key young adult sales demo.  “Grey’s” moved up 3 positions to #2 in the finalized rankings, jumping over CBS’ “Two and a Half Men,” “Big Bang Theory” and “NCIS” (initially in the first-reported L+SD averages all 3 CBS shows ranked above “Grey’s”). 

ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” was also the biggest gainer overall, picking up more than 3 million viewers and outgrowing CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0.”   In fact with “Grey’s,” “Modern Family” and “Castle,” ABC claimed 3 of the Top 6 shows with the largest increases in Total Viewers from the L+SD averages to the L+7D averages:    “Grey’s” – #1 (+3.0 million = 11.0 million to 14.0 million), “Modern Family” = #3 (+2.9 million = 12.0 million to 14.9 million) and “Castle” – #6 (+2.4 million = 11.0 million to 13.4 million).

A total of 10 ABC series built by 1.0 million viewers or more on average from their first-reported numbers to the final DVR playback stats, including  “Grey’s Anatomy” (+3.0 million), “Modern Family” (+2.9 million), “Castle” (+2.4 million), “Private Practice” (+1.9 million), “Desperate Housewives” (+1.7 million), “Brothers & Sisters” (+1.5 million), “Cougar Town” (+1.3 million), “Detroit 1-8-7” (+1.2 million), “No Ordinary Family” (+1.2 million), and “The Middle” (+1.0 million).

Among Adults 18-49, 7 of ABC’s scripted series generated substantial ratings increases of 7-tenths of rating point or more:   “Grey’s Anatomy” (+1.5 rating), “Modern Family” (+1.4 rating), “Private Practice” (+1.0 rating), “Castle” (+0.9 rating), “Desperate Housewives” (+0.8 rating), “Cougar Town” (+0.7 rating) and “Brothers & Sisters” (+0.7 rating).

(source: ABC)