Down Under: miRoamer acquires Stripe streaming services


miRoamer, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australia-based Mi Media Holdings Limited, announced the acquisition of streaming music services from Australian subscription-based radio service, Stripe.

The acquisition is the first by Mi Media, with plans to rebrand the assets as “miRoamer Platinum”, expected to launch in early 2010. This new service provides a fully-customizable music service, enabling premier brand customers to create their own music channels for their customers.

With the acquisition, miRoamer assumes ownership of Stripe’s catalog and music programming assets, including 35 core genre-based channels covering music, news, talk, sports and comedy. All stations are professionally arranged and fully-customizable, offering a tailored OEM and distributor solution with the upcoming launch of miRoamer Platinum.

“miRoamer Platinum will be the foundation of customized Internet digital media across all regions, cultures and genres of the world,” said George Parthimos, Founder and CEO, Mi Media, and creator of the world’s first portable Internet media player. “The basis of this acquisition underwrites the rapid evolvement of Internet media delivery and once again Mi Media Holdings is the first to find the pathway to connect the market to the most exciting technology changes of the next decade. We are now in an outstanding position to pursue merger and acquisition opportunities which align to our overall business model and add value to the miRoamer business. The Stripe acquisition furthers our push to become the global industry standard for Internet content management by enabling us to offer complete radio station customization through our end-to-end global Internet radio platform, miRoamer.”

miRoamer Platinum is an extension of the miRoamer media platform, which offers more than 35,000 worldwide audio streams and already powers the world’s first Internet car radio. miRoamer’s seamless Internet radio solution can be installed in a variety of consumer electronic products, such as car stereos, smart phones, televisions and gaming consoles, or any other Internet and audio-enabled product. The fundamentals of miRoamer Platinum lies in its music/content/song programming, where only the finest selection of songs spanning seven decades have been compiled into 35 “pre-packaged” stations.