Done deals: Television edition


SoldDeals are announced, deals submit to regulatory review and if the review results in the grant of the transaction, the parties get together one final time to seal the deal. Here are some television deals that have recently made it all the way to the finish line.

* Larry Patrick and Greg Guy of Patrick Communications announced that the sale of WDVB-CD has made it to the finish line. The buyer is LocusPoint Networks, headed by Ravi Potharlanka and Bill deKay. The Edison NJ facility is in the New York City area and commanded a $20M purchase price.

* The acquisition of the Bruno Goodworth collection of Class A television stations in and around Pittsburgh is a done deal. Media Venture Partners represented buyer OTA Broadcasting in the $7.25M transaction that includes Pittsburgh outlets WBGN-CD, WNNB-CD, WJMB-CD, WEMW-CD, WKHU-CD, WWLM-CA, WWHK-CA & WMVH-CA; Youngstown OH outlet WPCP-CD; and Wheeling WV-Steubenville OH outlets WJPW-CD &  WVTX-CD.

* Patrick and Guy (see above) worked on another deal for LocusPoint in the Orlando FL market, and that deal has also closed. LocusPoint acquired WRCF-LP from Charles Namey’s Specialty Broadcasting Corporation for $1.25M.