Dems Get Vocal About Rosenworcel Confirmation


rosenworcel-testifyingFCC Chairman Tom Wheeler backed-up comments by Senate Majority Leader Nevada Democrat Harry Reid about Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.

Senate confirmation of her re-nomination to the FCC has been stalled and Reid said Majority Leader Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell has not acted on a promise to move on her confirmation.

Reid says Democrats agreed to confirm the nomination of GOP Commissioner Michael O’Rielly without a Demo to pair him at the close of the last session of Congress on the promise the GOP members would push forward Rosenworcel’s re-nomination in this Congress. The Senate Commerce Reported out her re-nomination last year, we reported, but now at least two GOP senators have put a hold on her confirmation, the Hill reports. Reid took to the Senate floor Friday to say Reid hasn’t kept his promise.

Wheeler said she should be confirmed and for that matter, “all nominees, no matter their party affiliation, deserve an up or down vote.”