Declining Health Leads Rep. Womack’s Father To Sign Off AM/FM Combo


It is a 4kw FM covering a Tri-State Area encompassing corners of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. And, it is a sibling to Class B AM simulcast partner with 5kw during daylight hours and 500 watts at night, offering unique programming including classic radio serials such as Superman and “Dial-a-Trade” segments across the weekday hours.

Soon, this unique radio duo will go silent, as the stations’ owner — the father of Rep. Steve Womack — is shutting them down due to declining health.

Rep. Steve Womack

As a result, KURM-AM 790 in Rogers, Ark. and KURM-FM 100.3 in Gravette, Ark. will be going dark under Special Temporary Authority from the FCC on July 1. KURM would have celebrated its 45th anniversary in November, as it debuted on its AM frequency in 1979. The FM dates to 1989.

Across those 45 years, KURM has been owned by Kermit Womack. Today, he is 89 years old. The elder Womack has 70 years of radio experience. Now, due to unspecified health reasons, he can’t continue to operate the AM/FM combo.

“It’s with a great deal of regret that I announce today the end of an era in local broadcasting,” Womack said in a statement released earlier this week. “KURM has been a mainstay in this region, dedicated to the coverage of local events across a three-state region. Our style of radio is hard to do. That, coupled with some unfortunate health circumstances, have led to this decision.”

Rep. Womack told, “My father is an institution. He’s among the last of a vanishing breed. He is KURM, and if he is unable to continue, it is fitting that the station retires with him.”  The final day of KURM Radio will see Kermit and Rep. Womack turn off the transmitter together. They were together the day KURM-AM signed on in November 1979.



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