Cushmeer Singleton joins the RBR/TVBR team


And the growth just keeps on coming! RBR/TVBR’s marketing and sales department has just added Cushmeer Singleton, whose experience includes Radio-Info, The Associated Press as Radio Sales Manager for Broadcasting; and Radio One as an AE.

Cushmeer brings an accomplished skill set and a forward-thinking attitude that will help our clients on the digital/new media side, as RBR/TVBR continues to grow in the digital environment as well!

“I’m looking forward to joining the RBR family. I think you have a great product, and one that will certainly provide value for advertisers,” said Cushmeer. has grown quickly during the past 20 months and with Cushmeer joining our team, the RBR/TVBR digital new media expansion will continue and grow even faster.

“When interviewing Cushmeer I was impressed with her passion for Radio, TV and media in general, but her focusing in on our digital area of growth is what sold me. Her knowledge and passion for digital media is the direction RBR/TVBR continues to head and her working knowledge is a benefit to RBR/TVBR and all we serve.” said RBR/TVBR publisher Jim Carnegie. 

RBR/TVBR will continue on the digital media path with audio, video, and expansion into key areas of interaction with today’s broadcasters. Look for more news in key areas of eBooks, webinars and more as we share in The Voice of our Broadcasting Industry at, we are Broadcasters serving the complete Broadcasting Business today and tomorrow
You can reach out her to at [email protected], 301-805-0936 office and 301-437-5945 cell.