The RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: Patrick McCreery


America’s broadcast media — television and radio — are to thank for the amazing efforts they have done to keep the communities they serve informed and up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 pandemic developments.

As the focus has been on protecting and serving the cities each media reach, the spotlight has only briefly turned to the heroes who have risked their own health – and have made adjustments to how they do their work – to keep the flow of news going.

With this in mind, the RBR+TVBR Coronavirus InFOCUS podcast is here.

This new audio report, hosted by Adam R Jacobson, the Editor-in-Chief of the Radio + Television Business Report, is distributed each business day through the pandemic.

For our debut episode, Adam takes to the phone to discuss how Meredith Local Media stations across the U.S. have adopted best practices and are serving viewers in such locales as Phoenix, where we find President Patrick McCreery (pictured).

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