Congress got earful on net neutrality


Internet HabitsAnd Congress, along with the FCC, got a flood of emails as an activist organized internet slowdown garnered enough public support to take support for the concept into the Capitol and the Portals, home to the FCC.

According to Free Press, participating organizations showed citizens what a fast lane-slow lane internet might look like by using a spinning “content-loading” icon on their website any time somebody tried to use the site to access content.

Willing citizens were offered the opportunity to contact Congress and the FCC. Free Press measured phone calls in the hundreds of thousands and emails in the millions.

Calls made to Congress: 286,192
Emails sent to Congress: 2,167,092
Comments filed at the FCC: 722,364

“Internet users spoke out loud and clear on Wednesday,” said Free Press Action Fund President and CEO Craig Aaron. “They’re united against FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to allow fast and slow lanes on the Internet. The chairman must now listen to the public, abandon his pay-to-play plan, and pursue the best and only path to real Net Neutrality protections — by reclassifying Internet service providers as common carriers.”


  1. I doesn’t matter what the people want anymore. Those who make the laws that will control the internet are in the pockets of the corporations will do what their corporate overlords want them to do, and will once again tell us that what has been done has been in OUR best interest.

  2. Assuming that’s true Scott, there are large corporations on different sides of the net neutrality debate. So which corporate overlords are those who make the laws to “obey?” Different law makers may have different corporate overlords, depending on where they are from and who is in their district or state. It’s not as though all corporate power on this issue is lined up for or against certain proposed rules.

  3. Wheeler the weasel a ‘former’Comcast lobbyist mind you. He wants to exploit the open internet for profit specifically for monopolies. Monopolies are now becoming the government folks. They cannot be regulated , governed or fought. The net has been a boon for mankind for reasons related to openness. Wheeler tries vehemently to exploit it for Comcast for profit at great peril on our backs. If anything comcast should be split up. They have not split up monopolies for many many years. Thank you Republicans for your vision of selfishness. Wheeler was a clear mistake that needs to be lanced like a cyst and removed forcibly. He is corrupt and slighted. We must stand firm against this all. It is the very air we speak in freely they are trying to exploit. There now is
    a feeding frenzy fighting for a piece of our clear air. The governments responsibility is to stop this and fight for us as we get exploited by the few, the greedy, the powerful lusting for yet much much more. By any mens necessary we should fight for our free air if we are to be worth anything at all.

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