Conan battles back


For the first time, “The Tonight Show” with Conan O’Brien posted a higher rating on Wednesday than on the previous night. With that, O’Brien moved back ahead of David Letterman’s “The Late Show” on CBS, which had won Tuesday.

According to the Nielsen overnights, O’Brien moved back up to a 3.2 Household rating from Tuesday’s 2.9. Letterman was close behind at 3.1, but that was down from Tuesday’s 3.4.

How did the guests stack up? After Howard Stern on Monday and Julia Roberts on Tuesday, Letterman had comic Kathy Griffin, who prides herself on being a “D-list” celebrity, as his main guest on Wednesday, along with one of his most successful recurring bits, “Stupid Human Tricks.”

O’Brien also went the comic route, with Dane Cook as his main guest. He also got some movie stunt lessons from stuntman Steven Ho.