Comcast internet service under FCC scrutiny


Complaints have been pouring into the FCC about Comcast, charging that it has been interfering with certain kinds of peer-to-peer traffic. The issue revolved around users of file-sharing program BitTorrent and first surfaced in the media last October. Although some such programs are used to transfer files of copywritten material illegally, not all are. According to the Associated Press, Comcast said it was not blocking, but rather was delaying certain transactions to improve the surfing experience of the majority of its subscribers, and the company has promised to cooperate with the FCC.

Martin promised the investigation would proceed. Public advocacy groups see it as a net neutrality issue. said, "We hope the Chairman’s statements, made two months after we filed our complaint, will leads to immediate and accelerated action at the FCC on the critical issue of whether Comcast, AT&T and other internet service providers can block the services people want to use."