College Misrepresents Student Benefits


ArrestedAshworth College advertises that coursework it offers would lead to a career switch, help a student land a new job or transfer credits to another school. However, the facts to back up these promises are lacking.

The school, Ashworth College, has been apprehended by the FTC.

“When schools promise students they can transfer course credits or get a better job after completing their programs, they’d better be able to back up those claims,” said Jessica Rich, Director, FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Ashworth College didn’t tell the truth when it made those promises to prospective students.”

Students typically pay at least in the hundreds and often into the thousand of dollars for classes.

In a settlement, Ashworth has agreed that it will know longer state that:

* completing Ashworth’s program will qualify students to obtain vocational licenses without any additional training or experience;

* Ashworth’s programs provide all the training and credentials required to switch careers or obtain a job in a new field;

* there will be job security or steady employment for consumers completing its programs; and that

* course credits are generally recognized by, and accepted, by other postsecondary institutions.

A judgment of $11M has been levied on the school, but is suspended since Ashcroft cannot pay it.