The new product is targeted to consumers looking for lunch, dinner and snack options that are portable. It’s permanent menu item in Church’s Chicken  stores across the country. The new Crispy Chicken Taco will be supported by a new :30 TV commercial featuring Doug working the drive-thru as a convertible pulls up with four teenagers – three girls and a guy – to pick up their Crispy Chicken Tacos. The girls recognize the Chicken Genius and start screaming as they are overcome with emotion as if Doug is a famous rock star and they are experiencing this brush with greatness.

The guy does not understand all the attention given to Doug until he tastes the new Crispy Chicken Taco. He then declares Doug, a Chicken Genius. The :15 second ad will showcase ‘Moments of Chicken Genius’ highlighting the new product and its portability. The television and radio spots will be in both English and Spanish. The Crispy Chicken Taco will be supported in-store and with direct mail and outdoor billboards.