CBS blankets Philadelphia with news


CBS is teaming up with Center City Direct to create virtual newsstands throughout Philadelphia. Seven CBS broadcast stations, led by O&O KYW-TV, are involved. So far, 39 flat screen high-def television sets featuring news from KYW and more information from its other outlets have been installed at various locations throughout the city, with plans to expand to 120 locations.

They are not going up just any old place – the virtual newsstands are being installed at actual already-in-operation traditional newsstands.

CBS describes the operation as “…a 24-hours news ticker and a flat-screen High Definition Television set to broadcast news, weather and sports updates along with tourist information about Philadelphia…CBS Local is the exclusive news provider for the service. Eyewitness News will supply the TV news updates throughout the day. The CBS Radio stations will provide content for the marquee.”

It will be used with the full blessings of the City of Philadelphia, and in fact is enabled by city ordinance. It will be used for Amber Alerts and other emergencies. Center City Direct will manage the service and advertising revenue will make its benefits cost-free to the city.

Also in the CBS mix is CW WPSG-TV, along with radio stations KYW-AM, WIP-AM, WPHT-AM, WOGL-FM and WYSP-FM.

“The combined voices of our two television stations and five radio stations represent the complete package,” says Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager for the CBS Radio Stations in Philadelphia. “Whether the news of the day is sports, music, entertainment or politics, we have an authority on staff that can provide the latest headlines and beyond.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Brilliant! The more ways traditional broadcasters can find to strut their stuff in front of the local population, the better. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt at all to open up a brand new revenue stream.