Clear Channel Shoulder Taps iHeart For $30 Million Repayment

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings has given notice in an SEC filing that it is demanding repayment of a $30M note from iHeartCommunications, its parent company.

Aptivada, No More. A New Name Arrives

Aptivada no longer exists. A major rebrand has transpired, one that includes an updated name, logo, and branding. The company says it's been done "to demonstrate its evolution and refined mission to help companies collect, enrich, and activate their customers’ first-party data."

A Border Media Buy? It’s Not What You Think

Here's a transaction that's likely to raise some eyebrows with some longtime media brokers and radio station executives: Border Media has just bought a Class A FM radio station. Say what? It's true ... but this company doesn't involve Tom Castro or Jeff Hinson.  It involves a company formed by two individuals who are not U.S. citizens.

Cumulus Board to Jeff Warshaw: No, Thanks

In a shareholder letter offering details of its Q1 2022 earnings performance, Cumulus Media made it clear where it stands on an unsolicited bid from a purported consortium led by Jeff Warshaw, the founder and head of Connoisseur Media. In short, Cumulus' board gave it a thumbs down while noting that it is open "to all paths that continue to drive superior shareholder value."

Deutsche Bank Says ‘Wilkommen’ To Tedesco

In the Italian language, "Tedesco" is the word that in English means "German." It is therefore a bit fitting that Marie Tedesco, the CFO of Beasley Broadcast Group, will be motoring from Naples (Florida, not Italy) to Palm Beach on Monday for a big Deutsche Bank event.

Beyond Spots and Dots: Managing Time and Accounts

A second-day session at the upcoming Hispanic Radio Conference sees industry experts share their strategies and time management practices to guarantee potential dollars are not left on the table. It's an opportunity for all in Radio to learn how to balance everything from broadcast activity and digital to events and podcasting — including hitting it out of the park with E-Sports!

‘Tino Cochino Radio’ Gets A National Launch

An air personality who has made a name for himself in Phoenix and across the Southwestern U.S. hopes he'll soon be widely known across all of America. Thanks to YEA Networks, the producer and syndicator of The Bert Show and the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, the Phoenix-based Tino Cochino Radio program is now available across the nation.
Paul Koplin

A Fifth NPRM Emerges For ‘Franken FM’ Rule Change

Officially, it is an amendment of "Parts 73 and 74 of the Commission’s Rules to Establish Rules for Digital Low Power Television and Television Translator Stations." In plain terms, it's a proposal that would allow the operation of analog FM radio services by Channel 6 digital low-power television stations. The Commission has been considering the idea since 2014. Now, it's seeking comments once again in a fifth Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the matter.

Today’s Challenges for Small Markets and Family-Owned Stations

"Our work in traditional media has seen its challenges," notes broadcast leadership expert Kelly Orchard. "The recent bankruptcies of two of the largest radio broadcasters, as well as mergers, acquisitions, and transitions, are main topics as I continue to engage in conversations with my colleagues. Their opinions are as varied as the size of their radio markets." In this column, Orchard reviews "the good, the bad and the ugly" of the radio industry, while reviewing today's top concerns for smaller markets and, in particular, family owned stations.
Gordon Borrell

Borrell’s Spring Local Advertiser Survey: Digital Nearing Broadcast Buys

The results from Borrell Associates' Spring 2022 Local Advertiser Survey have been shared, and here's the big takeaway: the percentage of ad agencies buying broadcast TV and radio tops that of every other form of media. But, online and digital media are very close behind.
Broadcast Tower

A New FM Added To A Wyoming Town Near SLC

If you go from Salt Lake City and head northeast, you'll reach a rural pocket of Wyoming with just a handful of radio stations available to listeners. Thanks to a petition from one broadcast company, the FCC has just OK'd the expansion of licensed FM stations serving this area by adjusting its FM table of allotments.

Here Are The 2022 NAB Marconi Radio Award Finalists

The winners will be announced October 19 at the Marconi Radio Awards Dinner held during NAB Show New York. It's a move from the Radio Show, the now-defunct autumn conference co-produced by the Radio Advertising Bureau and NAB until the pandemic.
Alfred Liggins, Urban One

Could Urban One ‘Praise’ Other Buyers?

The media company focused on African American consumers just sold a Gospel station in Detroit. Could other Gospel stations in its stable, in particular WPRS-FM 104.1 in Washington, D.C., be on the market? RBR+TVBR exclusively got the answer from Alfred Liggins III.
Pile of Money

The Impairment Change: Why A Company May Take One

In Q2 2022, both Townsquare Media Group and Beasley Media Group took an impairment charge. Beasley explains it did so "due to an increase in the discount rate used in the analyses to estimate the fair value of FCC licenses and goodwill in a rising interest rate environment." What exactly does that mean? One veteran media broker, along with BIA Advisory Services leaders, shared with RBR+TVBR in layman's terms exactly why an impairment charge would be taken.
iHeart Radio

A Fully-Digital Attribution Service Arrives For iHeart

What is being hailed as "the first fully-digital attribution service for broadcast radio that will transform the way advertisers plan, buy and measure their audio campaigns to better optimize the unparalleled reach of radio" has been launched by the nation's No. 1 radio broadcasting company.