Campaign, Iraq consume up news hole


The 2008 presidential campaign took the top spot in the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s analysis of Q2 news coverage in the United states, eating up 9% of available time and space. Iraq remained a big story, however, with events accounting for 7%, policy debate for another 7% and homefront issues for still 2% more, amounting to 15% all-told (after rounding). Most of the top ten stories were of an ongoing nature. Exceptions were the Virginia Tech shootings, at 5%, and the 2% allocated to the Don Imus firing. Immigration was the #4 topic with 6%, and other top ten tales included Iran (2%), the fired US attorneys controversy (2%) and the strife in Palestine (1%). Four stories disappeared from the Q1 list, including the CIA leak/Plame case (3%); Anna Nicole Smith (2%), the new Democratic Congress (2%) and severe weather stories (2%).