Call letter change on the Gulf Coast


LIN TV’s WBPG-TV Mobile-Pensacola has changed call letters to WFNA, to denote its two states of Florida aNd Alabama. The station continues to be a CW affiliate in a duopoly with WALA-TV (Fox).
“In addition to a whole new look and design, viewers and customers can expect a whole new attitude. Programming, web content, even contesting will be done with a completely new edge,” said WALA and WFNA President and General Manager Matt Pumo.

“The ultimate objective is to create an exciting experience for the viewer,” said WALA and WFNA Director of Marketing Kyle Claude.  “We wanted a brand that is relevant, entertaining and memorable… to have everyone in the market saying FNA Baby.”

WFNA’s product launch will take place on December 18, 2009.  Station management says viewers can expect new on-air and online content early next year.