Broadcast TV brought in lion's share for Pres. Obama's speech


More numbers are in: According to TVB’s analysis of Nielsen Company data, more than 70% of the 57.9 million people who watched President Obama’s Sunday night (5/1) speech on the killing of Osama Bin Laden were watching broadcast networks.  Less than 30%, or 17.3 million, watched the coverage on cable news networks.

The address was carried live from 11:35 PM- 11:44 PM ET on nine networks. The combined household rating was 33.9. The networks carrying the address included ABC, CBS, NBC, TEL, UNI, CNN, FOXNC, HLN and MSNBC.

The highest numbers of viewers on the broadcast networks were NBC (12.8 million), ABC (9. 5 million), CBS (8.2 million), Fox (3.2 million), and Univision (2.8 million).

On the cable news networks, the highest numbers were garnered by CNN (9.5 million), Fox News (5.1 million), and MSNBC (2.7 million).

TVB’s analysis was of viewers aged 2+ in the 11:30 – 11:45 p.m. ET time period, according to Nielsen’s Galaxy Explorer data.