Broadcast figures in NYC emergency campaign


FEMA / Federal Emergency Management AgencyThe New York City Office of Emergency Management and FEMA are collaborating on a public service campaign to promote disaster preparedness. TV and radio are on tap to promote the OEM/FEMA message, and radio is an important part of the recommendation.

For the purposes of getting the word out, television and radio PSAs will prove a useful tool for the agencies trying to get the word out.

Radio is also an essential part of any emergency kit. In particular, citizens are advised to have a battery-operated radio on hand so they can receive vital life-saving information when power is non-existent, wired media are knocked out and broadband outlets are flooded to the point of uselessness.

In fact, such radios will be part of “Go Bags” – kits that OEM/FEMA want to put together and distribute. In addition to radios, they are asking for donations for other kit components, including LED flashlights, first-aid kits, plastic rain ponchos, hand sanitizer and whistles.

The Ad Council is playing a role in the campaign, which is being created by advertising agency Deutsch Inc. and provides material for both English and Spanish-language TV and radio.


  1. id sure like to comment on this,,,,,

    here in a small colorado town,, the former emergency operations person and myself developed a local eas system,, at the emergency operations center we installed a console and microphne with a switch,,,,, when the switch was throwen,, a circuit between the emergency ops center put into motion a ciruit that took over the audio on my am and fm stations,, the other fm in town,, the cable company, and the college fm station,, so at 3 am if a forest fire or flood were to happen the word could be gotten out,, this system was tested weekly and worked very well for 10 years,, now enter the new emergency services young man,, he removed the system,, calling it a jury – rigged system,, and proclaimed that the only way to inform the poupulation is by sicial media,, ie facebook and twitter,,the county manager agrees with him,, so part of the problem of informing the public here is the officials themselves,, harv rees,, owner,, kpke am,,/ kejj fm gunnison colorado !!

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