BrightLine, AXE team for interactive, on-demand effort


BrightLine and Unilever’s AXE brand are harnessing lessons learned to launch another digital television ad initiative. The newest campaign, called Naughty to Nice, is a branded entertainment program that spans multiple interactive and  VOD television platforms to showcase AXE’s new Vice shower gel.

Dish TV and VOD channel FearNet were selected to match the target demos and programming preferences of AXE’s 18-24-year-old male target. FearNet viewers will encounter the campaign during their favorite on-demand programs. Commercials as well as a range of other promotion are seamlessly woven into the viewing experience to motivate their ‘guy’ to seek out AXE’s "naughty to nice" on-demand programming.

Consumers in Dish TV’s interactive homes can also get in on the action-viewers will encounter commercial teasers aired during regular TV shows, offering them an opportunity to immediately tune in and watch the AXE program on a dedicated Naughty to Nice interactive channel, and to delve more deeply in the AXE-branded content through the channel’s additional features, including an exclusive sweepstakes to win Axe Vice product and tools to go "undercover."

The campaign launched yesterday in 20 million homes.