Brad & Britt land at WBT


Greater Media announced Brad & Britt have been named as the new afternoon drive team at WBT in Charlotte. They will begin their new show from 3pm-6pm on July 2nd, 2012.

Krantz is a former WBT afternoon drive host and was part of the Spires & Krantz on-air team from 1999 to 2003.

Brad, who is originally from Ohio & Britt, who is a North Carolina native, most recently hosted the morning show on WZTK-FM in Greensboro from 2004 until earlier this year and  did afternoon drive on WPTF 850 AM in Raleigh and WSJS 600 AM in Winston Salem.

“These guys bring a great sense of energy and fun to the air. Those who have been in Charlotte for a while already know what Brad is capable of,” said Carl East, WBT PD. “They are very clever observers of the issues of the day, whether they are local or national. The audience is going to love engaging them.”


  1. What a couple of boobs. An older egocentric who makes all the news about himself followed by a braying jack*** who has no clue. Nice picks Greater Media. Your commercials, of which there are way too many, have more substance than these two. Actually, it’s a good thing you have all of those commercials so you don’t have to listen to Brand and Britt.

  2. We got rid of the twit team on WZTK, due to low advertising, & it was so bad WZTK changed to a Mexican format, then they went from FM to AM on WSJS, well that didn’t last long either. The Queen city is welcome to them,.. long away from the airwaves in the Triad.

  3. We loved Vince and Terra before him. Not one of us in the office can stand these two. I will turn this station Back on in a year and see if WBT pulled their head out of their a** and put someone else on the air.

  4. GOOD BY, WBT………I cannot put up with that drivel any longer. I have been enjoying wbt for 20-30 years but now after five minutes of silly stupidity starting at 3pm, I realize that silence is golden. WBT has always had a reputation for reason and sensible broadcasting—WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED ???? Is Howard Stern next !! Wake up or say adios to 80% of your listening audience.

  5. How does a station, whose listeners are not only fairly conservative and proven to be buyers of any advertisers products, hope to stay in business with these two self-righteous, smug, leftists. They r not funny and totally distort all the comments from anyone who disagrees with their world view. Greater Media really did their homework and hired these two knowing they would destroy this station as they did in Raleigh. Goodbye WBT it was nice while it lasted.

  6. I am glad I am not alone. I sent an e-mail to the marketing director giving specific examples of their belittling of their audience and their smarmy, smug comments which I find typical of left-leaning commentators. Yes, I did tune in to Air America at times just to see what it was like. I am done listening to WBT. I can’t help but think this was a calculated event given the DNC convention coming to Charlotte. I am forecasting that the Brad and Britt Show gets cancelled some short time after it is over. Maybe then i will return.

  7. I have been listening to WBT since September 1988, after moving from Raleigh & WPTF…Bart Rittner era. Your change in the 3:00-6:00 p.m. time slot is an insult to your listeners. Your choice of hosts, and topics, to fill this slot are extremely disappointing! They, while trying to be “politically correct” for the upcoming DNC, are boring, amateurish, and unintelligible!
    This change is beneath the standards, that I have grown to expect from your station. I understand the “bottom line”, or intimidation from Media Matters, but I thought you had more strength of conviction…apparently not! Your 50,000 watt “blow torch”, is now a mere 50,000 watt “birthday candle”! If I were an advertiser, in this time slot, I would pull the adds immediately, so as not to be equated with this disastrous duo! As I look to find a drive home radio station, I can only say that your present 3:00-6:00 p.m. drive time slot is “DEAD AIR”!

    • Thank you for expressing my thoughts on these two goof-offs. They are not on today,(I accidentally left the radio on WBT when Rush went off)…I’m hoping they are gone looking for another job. Bring back Vince or Terra! They didn’t need some silly person to keep the show moving and interesting.

  8. These two clowns are too liberal and silly for me. WBT should have learned their lesson with the failure of Spires and Krantz.Bring back Vince Coakley.
    He has more intelligence than thes two idiots with half his brain tied behind his back.

    • They do truly suck… I stopped listening when i first heard them speak.
      WBT has lost me from 3-6 every week day….

  9. It’s so disappointing to have these guys on the air during the 5 pm drive time. I get the niche they are after but only the left leaning will buy it.

  10. OK the DNC is over and it’s time to ship these two liberals (Brad&Britt)back to where they came from.They are silly,rude and dumb.Anybody that calls in doesn’t get a chance to talk because these idiots talk over them.

  11. Chalk me up as another former listener. These two( Sad & Twitt )are
    terrible. They mock Rush on every show. Like 2 sand flea’s on an
    elephant. When you return to hosts such as Vince or Terra, I’ll return.

      • If you are Brad of Brad and Britt… Then how satisfying can it be to mock the almighty hand that feeds you? Everyone (except the 2 folks who might LIKE Bard and Britt) knows Rush is paying ALL the bills at WBT and you sad sacks act like you have a show. Really pathetic. NOBODY LIKES YOU. GO AWAY.

  12. Wow, haven’t listened to WBT in a while. Brad and Britt…they are worse than non-relevant, they are clueless, without a cogent thought or or significant comment: a couple of silly, liberal jackasses! What a waste of time. See you later WBT–you lost the taxpaying conservative base on this choice.

    Thank you so much,


    PS. Let me know when you bring back Vince or Terra.

  13. My wife and I switched off when Brad and Britt cut short the Rush Limbaugh program. What cretins! They said that Rush would not talk about the school shootings. He already had, pointing out immediately the brain-dead media would swing it to gun laws. What the hell has happened to the culture, not to mention the (lack of) brains of so many like those two? As Lewis Carroll said in Alice in Wonderland: “Sentence first — verdict afterwards!” But the opposite of that is also wrong. How about evidence and deliberation before the verdict?

  14. That guy randy what a load of crap. I know several teachers who hunt and shoot guns and with training they could and would stop this. You two are just typical idiots. The gun used was not automatic for one thing it was semiautomatic. This is all knee jerk bull.

  15. Awful, just plain awful. I was a loyal WBT listener for years but this latest liberal stunt of replacing Vince Coakley with these two clowns just for the sake of the DNC was despicable. I have not listened to them nor will I ever. I hope WBT is reduced to running the Swap Shop in the afternoons in order to regain listeners. For the dozen listeners who are left, enjoy!

  16. In 48 years I have never commented on anything of this nature

    However I feel the need to do so now

    These guys are self righteous liberal jokes

    I am not a far right winger…just someone that will turn off WBT after listener everyday for 6 years

    They judge everyone who does not live in their world and will not allow callers to come on the air who will truly debate them.

    Goodbye WBT

  17. Used to listen on the way home from work. Not any more. Will check back periodically to see when these two liberal jackasses are removed. Until then, no more WBT.

  18. These guys really suck. Amazing that a time slot which had such great thinkers and Jason Lewis and Tara S is not housing these two losers. WBT AM really has destroyed the drive-home time slot and I don’t listen to the station past 3PM anymore.

  19. WBT knows:
    1. English-speaking, non-religious AM radio is dead.
    2. B&B are ‘cheap enough’ to keep the dead air away.
    3. eventually, B&B withers away.

  20. I tried, I really did. But these two baffoons are idiotic, immature, and demeaning. I couldn’t take more than ten minutes. Please bring back Vince or Tara. I’d rather listen to a Sean Hannity through static as these two boobs.

  21. Enjoyed Vince, Jason, Terra, Jeff all before these two, Brad and Britt. Because I quit listening it was only by accident that I learned Hancock is moving to 3-6 and B & B to 6-9. That can’t help but be a little improvement but Hancock is hard to listen to because of the stuttering. Often I think he takes off on a subject and has no clue where he is going with it. I really don’t mean to be cruel as he is a great fundraiser for many causes but it is what it is with him. After Rush goes off at 3 WBT is really slipping in my opinion.

  22. I actually went out of my way today to research wbt ratings. I can’t believe the 3 to 6 slot is doing well. Came across this page and found my sentiments expressed exactly. Brad, when you can reach 20 million listeners for decades then maybe you have credibility to make fun of Rush. Just imagine what happens if you drop Rush? Welcome crickets and tumbleweeds to the wbt ghost town. I can understand that you would have opposing viewpoints…but to mock the program that carries your station is pure stupidity. And Britt is simply not funny. No sense of timing or comedic set up. I try to listen because there is no other news talk that I am aware. So honestly I’d rather turn off the radio than be insulted and board to death. (BTW I’m a 51 year old professional with over 100k pr year so I’m in your demographic. )

  23. Brad and Britt to the 6-9 slot…?

    They’re one foot out the door. I won’t miss them.

  24. What a disaster wbt is right now. Brad and Britt are morons and Hancock is way to laid back and slow for 3-6. The only things Hancock says clearly is the commercials. The stuttering is very distracting.

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