Bounce Network adds original content


Bounce TV
The first African-American broadcast network, made possible via the use of digital side channel multicast technology, has established a firm-enough footing to branch into a new area – the production and airing of its own programming.

The program will be an unscripted reality series based on an actual GRAMMY-nominated family musical group – foreverJONES – which specializes in Gospel.

In a statement, Bounce said, “On the heels of Bounce TV’s original holiday special ‘A foreverJONES Holiday,’ the new non-scripted series will delve deeper into the daily lives and challenges of this close-knit, faith-based family. Viewers will follow along as the seven family members balance personal dreams with their daily lives and the group’s professional success and continued growth.”

The group consists of parents Dewitt and Kim Jones and children D’Jeniele’, Dominique, Dewitt IV, Judah and Mya. According to Bounce, “…their mission is to continue the spirit of worship, the message of the Gospel and the essence of family through their artistry.”

The series is going into production later this month with an initial run of six episodes on the agenda.

RBR-TVBR observation: The very existence of this network is a testament to serving the public interest and promoting diversity on America’s airwaves. The addition of Bounce Network to America’s entertainment inventory is one of the great success stories of the DTV transition, and yet another reason for the powers that be in Washington to make sure broadcasting remains a vital part of the communications landscape well into the new millennium.