Bin there, seen that


Apparently there just aren’t enough advertising venues yet. We keep hearing about new ones all the time. The latest to come to our attention is called "a new dimension in airport advertising." Did you guess that it involves the "recyclable polypropylene plastic substrate?" We didn’t think so. We doubt most of you even know what that means, except for the plastic part.

Anyway, if you are the kind of advertiser that wants to capture citizens when they are likely to be highly bored and/or irritated, then this may be the venue for you. It consists of placing an ad on the bottom of the plastic bins into which you throw your keys, change, daggers, firearms, hand grenades and other metallic personal items when going through security to board a plane. AZUNA makes the trays for SecurityPoint Media’s checkpoint advertising medium.

Advertisers already using the service are said to include Easton Sports, KFC, LG Electronics, Comcast and the New York Yankees.

RBR/TVBR observation: There are still a few places left where you can allow your eyes to stray with out being assaulted with yet another friendly word from somebody’s sponsor. For example, we had occasion to visit the National Zoo in Washington the other day. We are happy to report that none of space the on the local elephant herd had been sold to any Republican candidates, nor had any of the donkeys down at the domestic exhibit been sold to any Democratic candidates. So far…