Bend Station en route to New Channel


moving_truckTDS Broadcasting believed and the FCC concurred that a new channel was in order for KOHD-TV Bend OR. The ABC affiliate currently operates at the apex of the television spectrum band.

The move to a new home on the dial comes just about one month after the proposal to move was announced by the FCC.

The station will be going from Channel 51 to Channel 18 with the FCC’s blessings.

The reason for the move: TDS has a “…voluntary relocation agreement with T-Mobile USA, Inc. and states that operation on channel 18 would remove any potential interference with authorized wireless operations in the Lower 700 MHz A Block adjacent to channel 51 in the Portland, Oregon market and permit those operations to expand to additional consumers sooner than would otherwise be possible.”

TDS has 30 days to file a minor change application with the FCC to get final permission to make the channel switch.