Battery-powered DTV sets arrive


Many were getting concerned that the FCC’s switch to DTV left the public without battery-powered TVs in time of emergency or crisis—a huge dereliction of the FCC’s duty to make sure the public is kept informed.

But lo and behold, we have found a couple of sets. They may not be as cheap as the black and white analog sets you could buy at Wal-Mart or CVS, nor will they pick up a signal as far away as the analog transmissions, but at least they are portable and do not require plug-in electricity (but battery electricity) to operate.
At Hammacher-Schlemmer, there’s a pocket-sized, portable color television that receives digital broadcasts. The portable unit displays content using 320 x 240 resolution on its 3 1/2″ display for crisp images and sharp motion devoid of streaking or blurring. It provides 16:9 aspect ratio; its generous 60º viewing angle allows adjacent viewers to watch programs easily. A built-in 1-watt speaker delivers clear sound; a headphone jack allows you to listen without disturbing others. It has a built-in antenna that collapses back into the case; an included external antenna with a magnetic base can connect to the unit from 58″ away using its cord, allowing you to place it for optimum reception. It comes with 4GB of built-in memory, and it also can support up to an additional 2GB using microSD memory cards, allowing you to view pictures or videos. Also includes a USB port. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to two hours of viewing from a 4 1/2-hour charge using the included AC adapter. 5 1/4″ L x 3 1/4″ H x 3/4″ D. (7 1/2 oz.). Item 78146  $199.95

Radio Shack is also now selling the AUVIO® 3.5″ Portable Digital TV Model: 16-972 | Catalog #: 16-972 for $99.99.

A reader tells us that battery-powered ATSC TVs have already been out for a year or longer, such as the 7-10″ models like those from Axion (which Radio Shack has already been selling for a while), Coby, Delstar (from Tiger Direct and Heartland America, etc.), and Haier, among other brands. 

So go get one now before the next hurricane or ice storm leaves you without your favorite local TV news!