Auto ads against fuel efficiency plan take to the air (audio)


Auto ad:

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers had twice delayed a radio campaign attacking the Obama Administration’s plan to impose much tougher fuel efficiency requirements. But with no sign that talks with the administration are going to produce a compromise the automakers have now launched the ads in states with lots of jobs tied to auto production.

The radio spots charge that hiking the fleet fuel efficiency requirement for automakers to 56 mpg by 2025 will make the US uncompetitive in the auto marketplace. They urge listeners to demand that the administration nix the plan to hike fuel efficiency standards by 5% each year beginning in 2017 and instead adopt “attainable” standards.

Both Detroit daily newspapers report that there were heated discussions within the Alliance following an internal decision to scrap the radio campaign and try to continue with negotiations. That led to a reversal, with a new vote and a decision to run the radio campaign.

The ads warn that families will be hit with higher car prices if the proposed mpg rules go through, and that small businesses who need vans and pickups will have fewer choices. The spots are reported to be airing in Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Montana, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Utah and Virginia – states with lots of auto-related jobs or high numbers of light truck buyers – and Washington, DC, which has lots of Senators and Representatives.

The current fleet standard for cars, by the way, is 30.2 mpg. That’s due to rise to 39 by 2016.