Atlanta Thrashers Hockey try new tactics in holiday radio


Maybe the unusual snow in Atlanta recently will help bring fans into the ice sport, but nonetheless reportedly the majority of the seats remain empty for some home games, even though the team has been on a winning streak of late. So the team has switched gears with a rather unusual radio spot over the holidays.

“Would you rather see the ballet version of The Nutcracker or The NHL version of The Nutcracker? Would you rather watch at reindeer learn how to fly or watch a [Philadelphia] Flyer be hunted down like a reindeer? Would you rather watch Herbie try to become a dentist or watch ‘the Big Bob’ Dustin Byfuglien try and extract someone’s teeth? Atlanta Thrashers Hockey—a brutally good time.” In fact, “A Brutally Good Time” is the teams tagline.

Of course, all of the copy is mixed in with fans cheering and violent clashes on the rink.

Bluesky Agency of Atlanta handles the team’s creative and this looks to be a new approach from them, at least different from the “Become One in Blueland” effort.

RBR-TVBR observation: The odds are against you to begin with for a Hockey team in a southern city, but appealing straight to the aggressive side of a sports fan may help being ‘em in. They tied all of this in with a 4-ticket, 4 Chick-Fil-A Combo Meals deal for $85, so they had to support of a co-op sponsor as well.