ATBA welcomed FCC Commissioner Clyburn at NAB


Mignon ClyburnThe Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA) welcomed Commissioner Mignon Clyburn of the FCC to an ATBA-hosted event during the NAB Convention in Las Vegas last week.

“I was both delighted and encouraged by Commissioner Clyburn’s presence and reassurance to broadcasters,” said Rod Payne, ATBA Chairman. “Her acknowledgement publicly of our importance in this country cannot be overestimated.  I believe her to be supportive of our industry and am very happy she made time to be with us at the ATBA Reception at NAB.”

In her remarks Commissioner Clyburn spoke of the significance of all broadcasters. According to Clyburn, “there is no big consumer, no little consumer – there is no big audience member or small audience member, there is no significant broadcaster or insignificant broadcaster – we are all significant.”

“Commissioner Clyburn spoke strongly and directly on the benefits of LPTV, local, diverse and ethnic broadcasting,” said Louis Libin, ATBA executive director. “The Commissioner spoke to the ATBA as a true friend and we were honored to hear her words of encouragement. It is my wish that the Commissioner would be able to influence and educate the other Commissioners on the multitude of benefits of LPTV.”

LPTV broadcasters provide critical information for their communities. Commissioner Clyburn continued, “I truly believe that the communities in which you serve that rely on you for their critical information means we cannot overlook. I know what the law says, I know what our challenges are but I want to assure you that you have a friend that will continue to be an advocate that knows your worth, knows your service to the community and I will never ever forget that you count.”

An NAB Associate Member, the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance is an industry organization comprised of low power television broadcasters, translators, full power television broadcasters and allied industry organizations and companies.