At the NAB Show: Captioning in Live and Pre-Recorded Streaming Content


LAS VEGAS — Looking for a new captioning tool for live and taped streaming content for your station? The 2018 NAB Show has one vendor that just might be right for you.

Humboldt County, Calif.-based StreamGuys is previewing its forthcoming audio transcription features in its SGrecast live stream recording and repurposing platform, powered by ENCO’s enCaption4 cloud-based, automated captioning tool.

SGrecast was introduced in 2016 as a way for broadcasters to transform live streams into revenue-expanding side channels and podcasts, with SGrecast Version 2.0 unveiled at that year’s NAB Show.

The integration with enCaption4 is designed to allow broadcasters to generate automatic transcriptions of new recordings, or caption pre-recorded files that exist in the archives.

Users will also have the power to export the resulting captioning files (SRT or VTT), and save transcripts of any selected media content for later use.

“enCaption4 ensures that captions created live or within a post-processing workflow are delivered with speed and accuracy,” said Eduardo Martinez, Director of Technology at StreamGuys. “Once ingested into the system, SGrecast’s highly granular search capabilities will provide operators with unlimited flexibility to find captions that align with newly created video and audio files. This will empower newsrooms and other departments to quickly unleash clips and stories with accurate captions much faster than previously possible.”

StreamGuys and ENCO last year announced a partnership aimed at tighter integration of audio/video streaming and automation workflows for TV and Radio production and delivery, including Visual Radio.

StreamGuys today provides multi-format encoding to deliver ENCO program content to web, mobile and OTT devices; and support creation and delivery of podcasts and side channels via its SGrecast software. Using SGrecast, operators can also easily convert live streams into podcasts and launch new streams within ENCO DAD (radio), MOM (TV) or Visual Radio systems.

ENCO President Ken Frommert says the integration of live and post-processed captioning into the company’s interoperable solutions brings further value to broadcasters aiming to better service streaming audiences, as well as provide searchable transcripts under one platform.

“With enCaption4’s advanced speech-to-text engine, broadcasters are ensured compliance for online video captions, while also providing a much richer experience for all audiences consuming video and audio content online,” Frommert said. “With our breakthroughs in machine-learning technology for voice recognition coupled with StreamGuys’ highly efficient and flexible approach to stream recording and repurposing, this demonstration marks an important evolution in our partnership as we bring automation and streaming workflows closer together.”

StreamGuys is co-exhibiting with ENCO at Booth N3824 in the Las Vegas Convention Center.