APTS Elects Board Officers and Trustees


WASHINGTON, D.C. — America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) has revealed the results of the election of its board leaders and board members. This will see the most recent former FCC Chair become an at-large member, starting February 26.

That would be Ajit Pai, today a partner at Searchlight Capital Partners.


Along with Pai’s arrival are a trio of newly elected trustees:

  • Clarence “C.C” Copeland, President and CEO of Louisiana Public Broadcasting
  • Diana Enzi, Lay Trustee of Wyoming PBS in Riverton, Wyo.
  • Susan Reardon, Lay Trustee of PBS SoCal in Los Angeles

The re-elected trustees are:

  • Eric Easter, Lay Trustee of WHUT in Washington, D.C.
  • Anthony Hayes, President and CEO of WMHT in Troy, N.Y.
  • Ambassador Gaddi H. Vasquez, Lay Trustee/Former Board Member of PBS SoCal in Los Angeles

Meanwhile, the following executives are still in place:

  • Franz Joachim, General Manager and CEO of New Mexico PBS in Albuquerque, has been re-elected Chair.
  • Dolores Fernandez Alonso, President and CEO of South Florida PBS in Miami, has been re-elected Professional Vice Chair.
  • David Steward II, Past Board Chair of Nine PBS in St. Louis, has been re-elected Lay Vice Chair.

The officers and trustees will begin their terms on Tuesday, February 27.



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