Apple Watches Flying off Virtual Shelves


iwatchThe watches aren’t even available for shipping yet and they are going fast in the pre-order market. According to Forbes, US customers have snapped up almost a million of the wearable mobile devices.

They’re paying a pretty penny for them, too.

The basic model is the Sport, which has a beginning price of $349, and that’s where most purchasers are starting.

At the end of the day, an estimate from Slice puts the customer total at 957K, with an average purchase of 1.3 Apple Watches and an average spend of $503.83 per watch.

This compares favorably to the 30-hour kick-off of the first iPhone, which generated only 270K sales.

All this said, the publicly-known details on sales are likely to be murky – Apple includes them in the good old “other” category. It remains to be seen of the company will be forthcoming with accurate stats.