App Gives Broadcast an Avenue to Wearables


iwatchFuturi Mobile helps broadcasters establish a presence on various mobile devices, and that help how extends to Apple Watch. Radio and television stations will be able to be in touch with wearers of the device.

According to Futuri, its service “…will enable TV and radio stations using Futuri’s mobile platform to send alerts to the watch, display information on the broadcasters’ content currently playing on-air, and receive audio from the watch using Futuri’s Open Mic feature.”

It’s a simple matter of choosing which features you’d like to include in your app, selecting an interface design and then deciding which devices you’d like it placed.

“We’re very excited about the possibilities of linking broadcasters directly with consumers through wearable technology. Apple Watch integration will enable stations to have even greater engagement with their users than ever before,” said Jamie Arseneault, Futuri Director of Mobile Development.