Another Station Hit for Lazytown Infraction


FCCAn NBC Saturday morning kid’s television program inadvertently flashed a snippet of a website address that may have led an incredibly astute and alert child to be exposed to an online advertising message, and another station has been called out over the matter.

This time it’s Hearst outlet WPTZ-TV Plattsburg NY.

FCC noted, “The inclusion of the website address is described by a NBC Network communication sent to the Station as being ‘inadvertently included’ and ‘fleeting.’ NBC Network goes on to describe the precautions it takes to avoid such incidents and states that it is working ‘to develop and implement additional procedures to minimize the possibility of a re-occurrence of this isolated incident.’”

As it has been doing, the FCC issued an admonishment to the station and did not include a monetary penalty.

One by one, it appears that every station that aired that program is becoming the subject of a minor variant of  the same FCC action notice.