Alaska radio deal will create sixpack with a twist


The twist is that one of the stations that will be in the Juneau Alaska Communications broadcast cluster isn’t a radio station – it’s a low power television outlet. Otherwise, Roy and Jason Paschal will be running radio stations in Alaska’s capital.

The station they are buying is KXLJ-AM, a Class B on 1330 kHz that throws off 10 kW-D and 3 kW-N off a non-directional stick.

The seller is David M. Drucker’s Seattle Streaming Radio LLC. Drucker will be getting $250K in cold hard cash for the station.

The LPTV involved in the deal is Channel 15 KCBJ-LP. Since low power outlets aren’t attributable for local ownership caps purposes, there is no need to ask for a waiver to include it in the cluster.

The other stations in the group will include KINY-AN, KJNO-AM, KSUP-FM & KTKU-FM. All are licensed to Juneau.