Akta AI-Based Video Platform Now Using Google’s Gemini


AI-powered video solutions provider Akta is celebrating a new product integration opportunity with Google’s Gemini AI model.

The collaboration brings artificial intelligence capabilities to the Akta video platform with no code, and Akta says its customers can now leverage advanced AI to automatically enrich video metadata, extract accurate closed captions, and enhance monetization of the content.

“These AI-powered capabilities streamline numerous video workflows, enabling media companies to accomplish more with fewer resources,” the company says.

Alper Turgut, Akta’s Chairman, comments, “By harnessing this incredibly powerful
AI, we can drive new levels of discoverability of content and provide levels of data
relevance never seen before in a content management system. The capability we are
providing is unmatched in the space. This integration also greatly increases the
discoverability and inherent value of our customer’s content through metadata

Akta adds that the Gemini integration “keeps humans in the loop, with AI-generated metadata, captions, and descriptions reviewed and approved by skilled professionals. This human-centered approach ensures accuracy while capitalizing on AI’s ability to accelerate tedious manual tasks.”

Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media & Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships for Google
Cloud, commented, “We believe this is a transformational moment for our media & entertainment customers. What Akta is doing in integrating the power of Gemini as a key component of their already impressive Lura Media Content Platform, now enables true next
generation tools for the largest and most progressive media brands in the world.”

Key benefits of the Gemini integration include:
  • Enriched Video Metadata: Gemini automatically tags videos with rich metadata, making
    it easier to search, organize, and manage large video libraries. This will yield the best
    discoverability of content in any video CMS in the market.
  • Accurate Closed Captioning: AI extracts precise closed captions from video audio,
    ensuring accessibility while saving significant time and cost. Now, even if videos
    weren’t captioned during creation or broadcast, they will have captions, improving
  • Intelligent Clip Descriptions: Short text descriptions are automatically generated for
    video clips, enabling faster searching and content understanding. This makes video
    editors and operations teams orders of magnitude more productive and eliminates what
    had been a highly manual process.
  • Zero Code Capabilities: The integration allows media teams to harness the power of
    Google Gemini and its ability to enhance content relevance, metadata and
    discoverability without having to write a single line of code or integrate with an AI tool.
    The Gemini integration is available today to all Akta customers.


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