Air America throws Rice at Limbaugh


“Live from Washington with Jack Rice” is the new offering from Air America, airing in the noon-3:00 pm slot opposite Rush Limbaugh. It’s the time slot that for much of Air America’s existence was filled by now-US Sen. Al Franken (D-MN).

Rice is a former CIA Special Agent and Field Operations Officer, as well as a former prosecuting attorney and trial lawyer. More recently, he has been an award winning journalist and correspondent, who travels around the world to cover policy, politics, national and international affairs. He was nominated in 2007 for a Peabody Award for his work in Iraq. In addition to his radio work, Rice is a frequent contributor to “NBC Nightly News,” MSNBC and Fox News Channel.

The new show has recently featured such guests as “Vanity Fair’s” Todd Purdum (author of the Sarah Palin/”It Came From Wasilla” article), Rep. Jan Schakowsky (discussing the CIA’s decision to keep confidential information from the House Intelligence Committee), Congresswomen Allyson Schwartz (speaking about health care reform), and David Gaynes, documentary filmmaker of the upcoming film “Saving Hubble.”