Here’s A New Monthly SFX Service For Radio


Looking for a subscription-based service that delivers monthly sound effects packages to your radio stations, regardless of format and market size, on a barter basis?

Benztown and sound design company Alien Imaging LLC have teamed up for the launch of Alien Imaging’s new sound effects service, AI-FX Monthly.

Subscribers can receive the newly released AI-FX3 sound effects library, and AI-FX4, which is set for release by Dec. 1.

AI-FX Monthly will include at least 100 new sounds across all categories, including FX, impacts, loops, beds and drones.

To make sure the word has gotten out to the industry, Alien Imaging Creator Jeff Schmidt commented, “Does anyone even read these things?  Email me the word ‘shazbat’ by Nov. 30 for a free sample at [email protected]

The service’s first affiliate is ESPN Radio New York.