Ad supporting Rick Perry airing in Iowa


Texas Governor Rick Perry has not announced that he is throwing his hat in the ring in the Republican presidential primary derby, but it is widely believed that he will do so before the summer is over. Now a PAC is urging voters to support Perry in the Ames Straw Poll even though he is neither an official candidate or on the ballot.

The ads come from an organization called GrowPAC, chaired by David Malpass. Malpass served in the Treasury Department under presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and ran in the Republican primary for US Senate in New York last year.

GrowPAC has decided to throw its weight behind Perry and is running radio ads hoping to build support for the Perry candidacy and push it toward an affirmative decision.

“We’re asking Iowa voters to write in Rick Perry on August 13 at the Ames Straw poll, we want to encourage the Governor to run for President,” said Malpass. “We need a pro-growth upheaval in Washington. Rick Perry can bring the energy and backbone to get it done.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This early Republican-only event offers an early opportunity for candidates to skirmish – and also to spend money with broadcasters in the process. It also offers third parties the chance to jump in as in this case. Maybe by 2015, some enterprising group in another early primary state, such as New Hampshire, will also figure out a way to generate a little publicity, as well as cash, in advance of the true windfall early next year.