ABC's “20/20;” ‘Black Widow’ murder trial, Mother vs. Daughter


Tonight on ABC’s ’20/20′ it is the ‘Black Widow’ Murder Trial Pits Mother Against Daughter Stacey Castor Accused of Plotting to Murder and Frame Daughter Ashley Wallace.
Two men poisoned by anti-freeze, laid to rest in the same cemetery, side by side. Was the grieving wife, Stacey Castor, really a black widow who murdered both of her husbands just a few years apart?

And was this woman so twisted that she poisoned her own daughter, Ashley, to stage it as a suicide and frame her for the heinous crimes? Or was the daughter actually responsible for the men’s deaths? 

For nearly two years, ABC News Correspondent David Muir followed the twists and turns of a bizarre mystery that captivated an entire community and played out in an upstate New York courtroom. Whom would the jury believe – mother or daughter?

“20/20” was granted full access to all sides of this curious investigation and trial. Muir’s exclusive interviews included a jailhouse sit-down with suspected murderer Stacey Castor, as well as both of her daughters. He also interviewed lawyers, detectives, family and friends who watched this mystery unravel. The updated report airs on “20/20,” FRIDAY, MAY 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. The original report aired on April 24, 2009.
“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and Chris Cuomo. David Sloan is executive producer.

David Muir Reports on Two-Hour “20/20,” Friday, May 28, 9:00-11:00 p.m., ET

(source: ABC)