A TV show with zero viewers


What if no one watches a television show? And we mean literally no one. The Copenhagen Post reports that a new digital-only cable channel in Denmark is struggling to attract any viewers at all.

Most cable operators in Denmark have thus far been unwilling to pay to carry the new Canal 9, which aims to be the country’s football (soccer) channel. It did finally make a deal with one cable operator for a free trial, but that gives it access to less than 10% of the country’s population.

According to the account posted on the Post’s website, Gallup’s TV ratings for Denmark showed that no one watched the premiere of the channel’s signature football talk show – literally zero viewers – and that the first play-by-play broadcast drew 127 viewers.

The Post says many Danes are steamed because important games are now on a channel that they are unable to watch. Angry soccer fans established a Facebook page called “Boycott Canal 9,” which now has about 4,800 members – apparently quite a few more than the channel has viewers.