A problem with Sirius/XM


My name is Jim Dennis and I am a subscriber to your newsletters. Luv’em!  I am an ex-broadcaster (retired) and all around curmudgeon. I subscribe to DirecTV and have Sirius/XM music available which, being retired at home all the time, I listen to a lot!  In addition, being an old guy very near 67 I try to listen to Channel 820 Beautiful Instrumentals.  Boy, what a job it is to listen to. Talk about redundant. In a word terrible!

I tried e-mailing Sirius/XM Customer Support and received a condescending form letter in return stating they ‘try their very best’ (like Borden’s) to please the folks that listen to that genre of music.  Sirius/XM should call it the Beatle Song Book + five (other songs). In other words, they play the same stuff over and over and over. I’ve been listening consistently for three months with no change.  I should also mention the return e-mail from Sirius/XM Customer Service was from ‘Rajah’…now what does that tell you?  Heck, he must be the programmer, too.

I know by subscribing to Direct I ‘pay’ for this service (Sirius/XM).  Do you think I should take the issue to Direct or Sirius…maybe both?  I would like to know if there is someone that I could e-mail other than Rajah and get a sincere answer and maybe copy Direct, too. If Sirius’ other many channels are like this…their service should be free!

— Jim Dennis [email protected] 

[ Editor’s note: We will see if this gets their attention, better than customer support. But we will say it may be more of a DirecTV issue than Sirius/XM, because on 11/12/09, XM ceased to provide some select music channels to DirecTV. In their place, additional Sonic Tap music channels are now available. Channel 820 was XM/Sirius’ “Escape,” it is now “Beautiful Music.” For more info see www.directv.com/musicchanges ]