A Positive Alternative for a Virginia AM


SoldAnother religion-oriented broadcaster has found a broadcast facility in its collection plate. This time, the beneficiary of another’s largesse is Positive Alternative Radio, part of a diverse radio operation that includes both commercial and non-commercial properties. And the donor looks very, very familiar.

The station is WODY-AM Fieldale VA.

It is coming from Base Communications Inc., headed by Edward A. Baker, president.

Edward A. Baker also happens to be president and 33.33% stakeholder in the assignee, so the station will not be traveling very far in terms of operational control from whence it came.

Other stakeholders in addition to Edward are Virginia L. Baker and Vanessa Baker Pavlik.

The transaction is labeled a donation pure and simple. The parties have agreed that the value of the property is $100K, which should come in handy when it is time for the donor to file its tax returns.

PAR will be filing to switch the station over to a non-commercial license.

WODY operates on 1160 kHz with 5 kW-D and 250 W-N. It is located in unrated territory near Virginia’s border with North Carolina, roughly splitting the distance between Roanoke VA and Greensboro NC.