A New Tool For Cable, Broadcast TV To Manage Ad Traffic


It’s known globally for its broadcast and network television and radio inventory and revenue workflow management products.

Now, WideOrbit is gaining attention with the latest release of its flagship network ad sales and commercial operations platform.

Used to manage, execute, and scale ad traffic, WO Network 2023 includes new tools designed to help networks generate new revenue while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

In particular, WO Network 2023 features enhanced Direct Response automation, improved precision when calculating CPMs and accounting for delivered impressions, and improvements to the Electronic Material Instructions module.

“WideOrbit remains committed to working closely with customers to help them improve their existing processes through continuous improvement in our core products,” the tech firm says. “That commitment is evident in the newest release of WO Network, which introduces new features and enhancements to help cable and broadcast networks save time and money through significant improvements to the user experience, streamlining workflows to improve efficiency and productivity.”

Highlights of WO Network 2023 benefits include:

  • Precision: Properties can now define raw impression values from 1(000) thousand to the unit level 1(001) which allows users more accuracy when calculating CPMs and accounting for delivered impressions
  • Direct Response (DR) Automation (Revisions): Import DR deal changes into existing WO Network Deals, improving the efficiency of importing DR Deals from an external partner
    Constraint Instruction Bundle Audit: Adds a new tab within Constraint Instruction Bundles to track changes to bundles
  • Deal Reweight Analysis Report: Extends daypart functionality to support user-defined Client Dayparts instead of Selling Name dayparts
    Deal Search/Master Deals: Allows users to create Master Deals from an existing group of deals from Deal Search
  • Electronic Material Instructions improvements:
    The ability to check for pending Electronic Material Instructions records at Log Finalization.
    Users can modify dates, times, day(s) of week, and spot type in instructions prior to import.
    Warnings to users regarding materials that may have exclusions or rejected statuses upon import.

“WO Network 2023 simplifies network ad sales and commercial operations with new features and enhancements that deliver revenue growth, cost savings, and improved efficiency to our cable and broadcast network customers,” says Susie Hedrick, President and Managing Director of Traffic Systems at WideOrbit. “We are excited to introduce these latest improvements to WO Network, furthering our commitment to continuous innovation and investment in our core products.”

Clients can realize further benefits from the following additional enhancements to WO Network 2023: Improvements to Advanced Log Rules that allow Placer to move units that are in violation of user-defined Log Rules; Spot Distribution enhancements allowing users to easily redistribute units to a different day of week (displace only) using the Spot Distribution tab; a new Ad-ID filter added to Material Instructions to help users easily identify correct Ad-IDs.


WideOrbit client partners include A+E Networks, Disney|ABC, AMC Networks, Hallmark Channel, Paramount, The Weather Channel, and TelevisaUnivision.

In February 2023, WideOrbit became a part of Canada-based Lumine Group, a unit of Constellation Software Inc. WideOrbit is headquartered in San Francisco.