60%+ of TV viewers concurrently using social media


People watching TVAnd it’s likely during the commercial breaks: Television technology firm Ericsson released the statistic that, on a weekly basis, 62% of consumers use social media as they watch TV. This percentage is shocking as it is 18% above what Ericsson reported in 2011. Not only is it an increase, but it directly affects the way marketers think about using social media marketing as part of an overall campaign.

Of the 62% that are using social media while watching television, it was reported that 40% were actually talking about what they were viewing. This is a huge correlation between two different media giants—television and social networks. Marketers using social media marketing could use this correlation to their advantage—perhaps through the use of trending topics on Twitter and through connecting their Facebook page in relation to the popular television programs being watched.

Consultancy RCBryan & Associates finds that social media may be an effective marketing strategy when used with other internet marketing techniques. As part of an overall marketing or advertising campaign, social media can be an easy way to engage with potential clients, but only if done correctly. Through the use of social network sites such as Facebook & Twitter, many marketers attempt to use social media to promote their products/services via social media marketing.